Quilling Mandala Kit

  • ALL MATERIALS INSIDE THE BOX – Contained within this kit are all the necessary materials required to craft a breathtaking quilling mandala on a canvas board, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable creative experience.
  • ART OF PAPER QUILLING – Art of creating beautiful patterns and designs by sheer rolling, twisting and curling of paper is what makes quilling a beautiful craft activity. In this box, we aim at making a quilling mandala design comprising of various shapes, colors and techniques.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS – This kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that explains the steps of making different quilling shapes with ease and then finally assembling them in a mandala pattern.
  • HIGH QUALITY QUILLING STRIPS AND TOOLS – The quilling strips are easy to use and made with great quality paper which can be rolled and twisted precisely and easily. Each tool is chosen carefully to make shapes more accurately and make the entire mandala-making process fun, simple & therepeutic.