Avocado Topping Seasoning Jain


You’ve guac to be kidding us with just how good this Chillito Foods Global Jain Avocado Topping Seasoning really is. Made with minimal ingredients, it delivers a boost of black pepper, onion, and bell pepper flavor to toast or guacamole while cooking or tableside.

Meals, appetizers, and snacks will forever feel inspired thanks to Jain Avocado Topping Seasoning. Simply flip the cap to pinch, pour, or shake, and enjoy. Featured in this recipe for Ultimate Jain Avocado Toast, it’s also an easy way to season guacamole or eggs. Prefer to flavor at the table? Pinch over meals for an extra pop of memorable flavor. With this all-in-one solution for everyday cooking, you’ll be the best Jain avocado-anything maker around.