HER – Elemental Luxury Perfume Set


T.A.C Fragrances for Her is like if Ayurveda decided to dive into the world of modern perfumes. We’re talking the big five: Prithvi (Earth), Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), and Aakash (Space). With T.A.C, it’s about grounding your inner goddess with nature and giving a nod to those Doshas. Dive into that Ayurvedic groove and have some fun with it!

Ever delved into the heart of Ayurveda? For that splendor, try Aakash, and for a breath of fresh air, choose Vaayu. Allow the warmth of Agni to embrace you, float with the flow of Jal, and anchor yourself in the timeless essence of Prithvi. These are not merely fragrances; rather, they are natural ingredients based on Ayurvedic knowledge. Discover the true balance. It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Elevate your essence: Ready to mix a little fun with some age-old insight? With this fragrance combo, delve deep into nature’s essential components. It’s an Ayurvedic holistic embrace for your senses, not just about smelling wonderful. Swipe it on your pulse points and feel your spirit rise, thanks to the delicate balance of tradition and vibrancy.

Elegance & Essence: This perfume set, infused with premium oils and elixirs, uplifts and calms your spirit. Beyond lasting freshness, it boosts confidence and compliments your persona. Wear it, own it.

Enter the world of Ayurvedic fragrances! Jasmine and tuberose dance with you as you’re refreshed with apple and grounded with cedarwood. Immortelle will help you drift while cocoa vanilla & rose and bergamot will round out the blend. A pleasant, vintage olfactory journey!

KIND ON THE SKIN: Crafted with all-natural ingredients, the perfume for women and men is free from paraben, alcohol and other harsh chemicals, making it suitable for all skin types.

CHOOSE AYURVEDA, CHOOSE T.A.C – Ayurveda is Safe, Effective, Long Lasting, Holistic, and, Kind to the World & You. T.A.C products are proudly Made in India (Swadeshi), and carry the rich Ayurvedic heritage of India.