Festive Shringaar Set


Elevate your beauty with our Shringaar Set, a harmonious blend of tradition and modern elegance. The iconic Ayurvedic Sindoor boasts a rich, quick-drying, smudge-proof formula while being gentle on your skin. The Beautif-eye Lush Black Ayurvedic Kajal offers an enduring definition for captivating eyes. Our Liquid Lipsticks provide a matte, moisturised, and long-lasting finish, staying true to their colour and being kind to your skin. Don’t miss the versatile Lip, Cheek, and Eye Tint, a touch of radiance infused with natural extracts.

  • Discover the richness of Ayurvedic beauty with our iconic Red Sindoor, featuring a quick-drying and smudge-proof formula.
  • Achieve captivating eyes with our Beautif-eye Lush Black Ayurvedic Kajal, offering a long-lasting definition.
  • Experience a matte, moisturised, and long-lasting finish with Miss Red Liquid Lipstick, designed to be gentle on your skin.
  • Enhance your radiance with our versatile Beet Mighty Lip, Cheek, and Eye Tint infused with natural extracts for elegance.