Chakresh Motichur Supari (2X100 Gms.) | India Cuisine


Chakresh Motichur supari is chikni supari in small pieces, it includes betel nut, menthol, saccharine, lq. parrafin, cardamom seeds with silver leaves, glycerine , natural & flavor. Try this premium after-meal at India Cuisine.

Chakresh is one of the manufacturers of flavored sweet betel nuts or flavored sweet supari, pan flavoring material in India. The product range includes different types of scented supari like elaichi mix, saffron flavored, sandal flavored etc. The company displays its products under the brand names of special Mangroli Tukra Supari, Salted Dhania Dal, Premium Gulab Churi, Special Mahin Sounf, Mouth Freshner, Pure Safforn, Special Chikni Supari, Keshar Salli Supari, Cadbury Supari, Ice Cream Supari, Sada Tukra Supari, Disco Supari etc. The company has its modern manufacturing facility with the most advance equipments and laboratory.

Net Weight:- 200 Gms.