Botanical Aroma Wax Tablet Kit

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED INSIDE THE BOX: Unbox a complete crafting experience with all the essential materials neatly packed inside. This kit provides everything you need to craft six exquisite botanical aroma wax tablets.
  • AESTHETIC AIR FRESHENERS: Aroma wax tablets made from this kit can be used for freshening wardrobes, rooms, clothes, cars etc. Their alluring fragrances and aesthetically pleasing look makes them a perfect alternative for conventional room fresheners.
  • EASY TO MAKE: Each kit includes a detailed step-by-step guide to ensure the ease in making wax tablets for beginners. Each step is illustrated in detail to create a hassle free DIY experience.
  • 6 SCRUMPTUOUS AROMAS: Our kit entails 6 exquisite aromas. Lavender for relaxation, rose for soothing moments, vanilla for those cozy vibes, lemongrass for freshness, sandalwood for calmness and eucalyptus to keep the bugs away. Lift up your mood with these fragrances.