Aryu Vata Seasoning


Vata is the aspect of human physiology that is formed from the combination of the Air and Ether elements, and as such it has the qualities of being dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, and mobile. When the Vata dosha is agitated these qualities are brought out of balance and one will feel their excess become apparent in a variety of ways. Vata imbalance can manifest as dryness of the skin, organs or bones, and feeling cold, erratic or nervous. It will often express itself in the digestive functions as these are the central fire of the body and are weakened by the excess cold of vitiated Vata. Vata related indigestion will be gaseous and may involve muscular tension and pain due to the rigidity caused by the cold, dry nature of Vata. To help bring Vata into balance, warming herbs and spices are used that stimulate and regulate digestion while soothing the nerves and muscles.
In addition to these spices, this blend includes other warming and stimulating herbs and spices that contribute support to their actions. All of these herbs stimulate digestion to eliminate intestinal gas and abdominal pain. They are warming to the body, calming to the nerves. Turmeric and Ajwain are included for their cleansing actions on the liver and GI tract, they eliminate harmful pathogens and restore damaged tissue. Ajwain is uniquely supportive of digestion because it has anti-septic qualities which inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens without harming the beneficial intestinal flora, which are essential for proper digestion.
This Vata spice mix enkindles the digestive fire, helping to ease bloating and gas which result from excess Vata, and relieves indigestion. It soothes and restores the nerves, balancing their function and in so doing helps to open the consciousness of body heightening sensory acuity. In this way it promotes regularity of the digestive system and all metabolic and nervous functions of the body, while restoring and maintaining Vata.